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Taking Control of Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air is often filthier than the air outdoors (10 times worse than outdoor air pollution per EPA), but there are steps that you can take to protect your families. See the three steps here: http://www.cleanairplus.com/blog/take-control-indoor-air-quality.html


Clean air is so beneficial for you and your family’s health. With research continuing to show the dangers of ‪‎air pollution, many people now recognize the necessity of breathing clean, healthy air.

Using home air purifiers with a hospital grade HEPA‬ filter can help clear the air in your home, allowing you and your children to enjoy better health, and create an atmosphere that’s pleasant for those who suffer the miseries of allergies and ‪‎asthma.

Breath clean and fresh air inside your home and keep your loved ones healthy. Please visit www.cleanairplus.com - your source for the highest quality portable room air purifiers and clean air information. 


Happiness Is a Healthy Home

Breathe easier today with these tips that will help make your home as healthy as possible. Don’t let your home fall prey to sick-house syndrome: http://www.cleanairplus.com/blog/happiness-healthy-home.html


Breathe Easier, Sleep Easier

A quality sleep but can be attained when you can breathe easier. Achieve those peaceful nights here: http://www.cleanairplus.com/blog/breathe-easier-sleep-easier.html


Protesters who blocked roads also cleared Hong Kong’s polluted air #breathecleanair


November rain (by giulio cianchini)

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